1. What does the Canton Educational Foundation do?

The Canton Educational Foundation links community and alumni resources – time, money, services, and expertise – with the needs of our school to enhance and complement the educational mission of Canton ISD. The Foundation builds broad-based support for educational excellence, increases the visibility and value of our schools and promotes the understanding that everyone in the community is responsible for creating a quality educational system.

2. How does the Canton Educational Foundation benefit students?

The Foundation supports student programs, projects and initiatives that are not adequately supported by tax-based funding. The Foundation also promotes and recognizes academic excellence by students and innovative instruction by teachers and staff.

3. How does the Canton Educational Foundation benefit the community?

A community is more attractive to business because of effective, strongly supported public schools. The Foundation expresses that support. It also builds bridges between the school and the community, between past leaders, current leaders and the leaders of tomorrow.

4. How can I help support the Canton Educational Foundation?

There are multiple investment options:

General Donation – Cash, pledged donations, real estate or securities at any time.

Such gifts may memorialize or honor family or friends.

Annual Campaign – Activities planned each year to support the

Foundation’s programs.

Planned Giving – Wills, trusts, life insurance, and other options recommended by an estate planner. Contact us for further information.

Matched Giving – Contributions may be doubled or tripled when matched by an employer. Check with your employer.

Endowment Fund – Contributions may be designated for the endowment fund.

5. We already pay taxes. Why should we donate to the Foundation?

Tax dollars support mandated education. Foundation funding enhances the educational system, making it possible to offer Canton ISD students the highest quality educational opportunities and experiences.

6. Will the Foundation funds result in decreased state or local school funding for the District?

No, but the additional funding enables the Canton ISD school to provide opportunities and experiences for students not otherwise possible.

7. Who administers the Canton Educational Foundation?

The Foundation is governed by an independent, volunteer Board of Directors including business and community leaders, parents and alumni who are committed to our school success. While the Foundation operates independently of Canton ISD, it shares a vision of educational excellence and student achievement. The Foundation is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation shall receive and disburse funds, property and gifts of any kind exclusively for the benefit of the Canton Independent School District.