Tips for a Successful Application

What does it take to win a grant? Here are some hints for success.



Statement of Need:

  • Describe the area of student achievement you wish to address and give any data that supports the need. Please include how this grant addresses district and campus goals.

  • Keep the statement simple and straightforward.

  • Show how project relates to the District/Campus Action Plan(s).



  • Limit the number of objectives.

  • Imply or state evaluation in the statement of objectives.

  • Be specific.


Description of Proposed Project/Activity:

  • Describe the problem or issue addressed.

  • Show how the project supports the purpose.

  • List steps to be followed in project implementation.

  • Relate project to need and objectives.

  • Be specific.



  • Relate to stated objectives.

  • Indicate how you will know whether the project was successful.



  • Are there others who will participate in this project? (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions Club, etc.)

  • What will their roles be?


Download Grant Request Packet